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About company

From the passion to health…

Human well being has always been in the center of EURO-BION company. In recent times, when diseases of civilization affect all of us, we often search for alternative treatment methods and take a distance from traditional medicine. Hirudotherapy, treating with the use of medicinal leeches, has been with humans over many centuries, but it is now, in the XXI century that we can observe it’s real revival.

From the passion to nature…

In order to meet the needs and requirements of current Hirudotherapy, to support natural healing methods and especially to have patients’ health in mind, EURO-BION established laboratory cultivation of medicinal leeches. The owner, Pawel Drabczynski, and his professional staff have been constantly researching new methods of medicinal leeches breeding in isolated conditions. His knowledge and experience in this area is a result of years cooperation with Dr. Zygmunt Dynowski, a father of polish Hirudotherapy.

From the passion to people…

Years of assistance to Dr. Zygmunt Dynowski has allowed for conducting high quality trainings on Hirudotherapy and Larvae therapy. Its alumni gained qualifications to work as Hirudotherapists. Dr. Zygmunt Dynowski is a pioneer of leeches cultivation in Poland as well as their use to treat people and animals. He is a wonderful lecturer, source of information and the author of number scientific books on leeches. He was the first one to lay down the program, organize and conduct the course on Hirudotherapy. At present, he continues his scientific work supervising the courses organized by EURO-BION.

From the passion to life…

We always strive to broaden our knowledge on curing with leeches, to maintain the highest quality standards and implement the newest technologies of leeches cultivation. This priorities guarantee a safe use of our leeches to heal people. We also build long term relationships with our employees based on mutual trust and partnership. We all set as a goal to grow the company and grow with the company. Such uniform approach results in betterment of life for each of us.


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