Euro-Bion company organizes Hirudotherapy and Larvae Therapy course four times a year. The course lasts 5 days and takes place in hotel ‘Zacisze’ near Opole, Poland. The total cost is 2450 zl (PLN) and it includes:

  • theoretical lectures and practical training
  • teaching materials
  • Sc.D. Zygmunt Dynowski’s book – ‘Principles of Hirudotherapy. How to treat with leeches.’
  • Sc.D. Zygmunt Dynowski’s book – ‘Hirudology and the medicines’
  • leeches and needed equipment
  • accommodation with full board

The course is conducted by Zygmunt Dynowski Sc.D., a father of polish hirudotherapy, with the assistance of MD Piotr Kopyto and experienced hirudotherapists.

Zygmunt Dynowski Sc.D. is a pioneer of leeches cultivation in Poland as well as their use to treat people and animals. He is a wonderful lecturer, source of information and the author of number scientific books on leeches. He was the first one to lay down the program, organize and conduct the course on Hirudotherapy. At present, he continues his scientific work supervising the courses organized by EURO-BION. Its alumni gained qualifications to work as Hirudotherapists.

Next course date: 14 – 18 September 2016

Course location: www.zaciszeturawa.pl

Courses are conducted in Polish language.