Lucilia Sericata biology

Biologia larwLucille Sericata larvae are scavengers, organisms which eat only dead tissue without any disturbance to living cells. The beneficial impact of larvae is a result of their ability to cleanse wounds from dead tissue, remove bacteria and contribuite to granulation development. First, larvae digest dead tissue and germs extracorporeal and next they swallow them.

The enzymes released by larvae belong to a group of collagens and enzymes of similar impact as trypsin or chemo trypsin. The mechanisms of larvae contribution into wound healing is not known though. Often, such curing effect is referred to allantoin which is present in larvae secretion. Larvae facilitate wound recovery by changing its reaction from acidic to alkaline: they produce ammonia, ammonia bicarbonate, calcium, and calcium carbonate which all accelerate the harmful bacteria death and help with granulation.